SANS Security West 2014 – Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity – is coming up on May 8-17

SANS Security West 2014 is a vital event for information security professionals looking to stay on top of industry trends, to acquire certifications, and to learn and immediately apply new cybersecurity skills. Security West features:

* Panel discussions on emerging trends in cybersecurity

* 25+ hands-on immersion InfoSec courses

* Industry-leading instructors with real-world experience

Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity
Security West features emerging trends in cybersecurity and is highlighted by evening talks and star-studded panel discussions from teams who will present the following:

* Keynote: Emerging Security Trends: Crossing the Chasm to Protecting a “Choose Your Own IT” World presented by John Pescatore

* Emerging Trends Panel: DFIR led by Rob Lee

* Emerging Trends Panel: Offense Informs Defense, but How? led by Ed Skoudis

* Emerging Trends Panel: Will The Real Next Generation Security Please Stand Up? led by John Pescatore
Security Training Courses
This training event will offer more than 25 outstanding hands-on immersion courses for all security professionals in IT audit, security management, technical security, penetration testing, and computer forensics. At SANS Security West, you have the opportunity to advance your information security skillset, learn to prepare your organization for the future, and enjoy the Pacific Ocean and San Diego!

For a complete list of course descriptions and to register, please visit:
( Save 5% on your course with discount code: SecOrb5_SANS )

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