SECURITY 660: Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploits, and Ethical Hacking


Course Author statement:

As a perpetual student of information security, I am excited to offer this course on advanced penetration testing. Often, when conducting an in-depth penetration test, we are faced with situations that require unique or complex solutions to successfully pull off an attack, mimicking the activities of increasingly sophisticated real-world attackers. Without the skills to do so, you may miss a major vulnerability or not properly assess its business impact. Target system personnel are relying on you to tell them whether or not an environment is secured. Attackers are almost always one step ahead and are relying on our nature to become complacent with controls we work so hard to deploy. This course was written to keep you from making mistakes others have made, teach you cutting edge tricks to thoroughly evaluate a target, and provide you with the skills to jump into exploit development.

-Stephen Sims, SANS Senior Instructor

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SANS Network Security in Las Vegas, NV is from September 17-26 (SEC660 – Sept 19-24).



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