SecurityZone 2012 Workshops

Joe McCray – Cyberwar: Emulating Advanced Persistent Threat In Penetration Tests

Google, Sony, Lockheed Martin, several large financial institutions, several large oil companies, the stock market, and countless other large organizations have all targeted and systematically compromised by hackers commonly referred to as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). These hackers, use an attack methodology focused on stealth, data collection, and persistence.

Carlos Perez – Introduction to PowerShell for Security Professionals

One of the biggest challenges for many IT Security Professionals is having enough time and resources to get their job done and work with large numbers of hosts and data to get their job done. PowerShell is becoming one of the best ways to automate tasks and interact with Windows systems from security professionals securing systems, doing incident response and for penetration tester performing post exploitation or attacks against systems.

Marc “Van Hauser” Heuse – Pentesting IPv6

This workshop shows you how to perform penetration testing on IPv6 networks locally and remote – in theory and hands-on. It is the only workshop which supplies you with the necessary tools – especially for remote tests – which are nowhere else available.

Dave Kennedy – Inside and Out of THE SOCIAL-ENGINEER TOOLKIT (SET)

The Social-Engineer Toolkit is an open-source standard for penetration testers to test the effectiveness of their overall education and awareness programs. SET is designed to couple sophisticated and targeted attacks and leverage the human element to make an extremely large attack. SET has been featured on BBC, the History channel, and a number of other media outlets and used by penetration testers across the world. This course will cover how to leverage sophisticated attack vectors using the social-engineer toolkit and how to customize it during a penetration test.

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