SummerCon 2012 Day 1 – Friday, June 8

SummerCon 2012 a hacker’s conference being conducted in beautiful downtown Brooklyn started today June 8th.  Doors opened at noon, with opening remarks from organizer redpantz and Mark Trumpbour.

Fermin Serna conducted the first talk titled “CVE-2012-0769, the case of the perfect info leak”.  The talk focused around why ASLR is a key mitigation and the need of info leaks for reliable exploitation.

Jon Oberheide and Charlie Miller followed Serna’s talk with a presentation titled “Space Pope on Android” that focused on Android security.  They also graced attendees with a verity of dance moves.

Other presentations were conducted by Collin Mulliner (Binary Instrumentation for Android) that investigated how bug hunting on Android based systems are becoming more difficult as well as Dr. Raid & Aaron Portnoy (The Busticati 0xC Step Program to Program Recovery) that looked into instructing attendees on structured program recovery.

The event also ended with a Super Mega Happy Go Lucky party featuring DJ Keith and sponsored by IOActive.

Let’s see what day 2 has in store with talk from Julien Vanegue (Modern Static Security Checking of C/ C++ programs), Travis Goodspeed (Exploting Radio Noise for Remote Frame Injection), Alex Sotirov (Analysis of the MD5 collision in Flame), Invisigoth Kenshoto (Probably Something About Vtrace) and Gillis Jones (Show Me the Money: Why Security Still Isn’t Taken Seriously by Business).

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