Information Privacy Issues with People Search Websites: What can you do to protect yourself?

At one time, when you wanted to know something about someone you would use a search engine like Google or Yahoo, but that is not the case anymore. There are hundreds of websites with your personal information listed that will provide your information to someone for a fee and some even for free. Many people always ask, “How did my information get on this site?”, and I often state, “You put it there.” Maybe not directly, but through various online activities such as Facebook and Twitter updates as well as signing up to purchase items online. All of that information is eventually collected and stored in some company’s database.

Facebook Fixes Privacy Issue – Full Disclosure of User Information

On august 11, 2010, a researcher post information about a bug in Facebook's login process that revealed the full name, email address and profile picture of all 500 plus million Facebook account holders regardless of your privacy setting. The bug has recently been repaired by Facebook, but posed enormous privacy threat for Facebook users prior to the fix being implemented.

Information Security vs Information Privacy

Information technology conflicting with personal and information privacy has been a major topic in recent months keeping privacy organizations including the Washington D.C. based Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) busy as the premiere privacy watchdog in the U.S. For example, recent issues such as Google asking the NSA for assistance in the investigation of a cyber-attack that occurred on its network.