Information Security vs Information Privacy

Information technology conflicting with personal and information privacy has been a major topic in recent months keeping privacy organizations including the Washington D.C. based Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) busy as the premiere privacy watchdog in the U.S. For example, recent issues such as Google asking the NSA for assistance in the investigation of a cyber-attack that occurred on its network. In addition, the initial roll-out of Google’s social networking application “Buzz” that caused quit a stir due to how Google automatically suggested and added Gmail contacts to its followed list. Now, with recent allegations that the Lower Merion School District in PA used remote-controlled web cameras attached to laptops to spy on high school students has surfaced and is under investigations.<!– wp_ad_camp_1 –>

Information security and personal privacy has been increasingly important as our reliance to the Internet has grown in all areas including business and play.  Many people try to understand how much privacy they are you willing to give up for security and many people often confuse the concept of security and privacy to be synonymous.

Information privacy is an individuals claim that data about themselves should not be automatically available to other individuals and organizations while information security means protecting information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification or destruction.

What are you view on information security and your information privacy? How much of your information privacy would you be willing to give up to ensure your information security level?

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