The 7th annual Techno Forensics Conference

The 7th annual Techno Forensics Conference will debut a track specifically devoted to Forensics industry professionals with highlighted focus on photo/video forensics and crime scene investigation and evidence collection. Joining together the Digital Forensic and Forensic communities reflects the crossover apparent today within a wide range of forensic and digital disciplines. This annual event brings together key stakeholders from industry, academia and government in an effort to strengthen this important technology, research, and communication bridge.

For 2011, we will be moving Techno Forensics to the beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC Convention center. This will give us a lot more room to grow, as well as allowing for much easier access and parking availability. We had 6 great years at the NIST complex in Maryland, but it is time to move and grow.

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with DFI News to co-produce this exciting conference. Registration details are now available on the new Techno Forensics Conference website.

Thanks again to all of our sponsors and attendees who have helped us become the leading Digital Forensics conference in the world.

Much more to come…………..

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