The SecurityOrb Show – An Interview with Sean-Philip Oriyano, CEO of Oriyano Media, Author, Trainer and Speaker – 6/18/2015

Listen to what Sean has to say here:

Sean is a 20 year veteran of the IT field who has worked with a wide variety of clients delivering unique and innovative solutions. During his career he has spent his time in the field performing many of the roles in IT from support to training and management functions.

In addition to writing and consulting Sean also is a guest host on IT Pro TV ( where he specializes in Information Security and related topics.

The SecurityOrb Show listeners can use the code “ORIYANOCEH50” which is good for 50% off of the normal subscription price on IT Pro TV ( for as long as they keep their subscription active. It will  take the monthly subscription price down to just under $29 a month or $290 or so a year (based on a $57 a month or $570 a year).


Sean’s book titles can be located here:


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