UK needs to talk to China to ensure cybersecurity

As the UK’s cybersecurity situation becomes more uncertain and vulnerable day by day, top cyber intelligence officers have spoken out about seeking alternative arrangements to ensure a more protected digital environment across the country.

Specifically, technical director of GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre, Ian Levy, has declared that the UK ought to forge a cyber relationship with China – a softer stance to the earlier warnings and red flags that were raised against Chinese companies – due to its rapid technological advance, great online influence, and its ability to provide support on a cybersecurity front.

During a speech at the Atlantic Future Forum in New York, delivered to a crowd of cyber professionals and military and intelligence executives, Levy said: “Like it or not, we are going to have to talk to China. The reality is they will own a huge chunk of internet structure going forward.

“Like it or not like it, they have 1.4 billion people who are going to be cybercrime victims. Like it or not like it, we are going to have to talk to them because we are going to get all the collateral damage from those attacks.”

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