When hackers get hacked: Secretive spy software team falls victim to attack

An informative article by Laura Hautala at c|net titled “When hackers get hacked: Secretive spy software team falls victim to attack”:

It seems no one is safe on the Internet.

The latest example: hackers claimed to breach the files of Italian spy software company Hacking Team and then used the company’s own Twitter account to broadcast the information publicly Sunday.

The 400GB of files released on the Internet — the equivalent of nearly 70 copies of the movie “Independence Day” in HD — purported to reveal client lists and closely guarded software code, information that raised eyebrows in the world of cybersecurity and privacy.

Hacking Team, which sells software that can secretly take over a target’s computer, has drawn criticism from privacy activists in the past. Various reports from activists and journalists accused the company of selling its product to governments that spied on dissidents.

The hack shows just how vulnerable we all are to data breaches. If anyone should have been able to prevent an intruder from compromising their files, you’d think it would be the people who sell spy software that steals other people’s files. Apparently they weren’t prepared, though. Of course, the company’s fraught status in the hacking world might have made them more of a target to attackers than a regular person would be.

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