2018 Security Concerns to Look Out For

2017 was a tough year for cyber security companies and professional as phishing attacks, ransomware and state-sponsored attacks took front stage.  So what should we expect for 2018?  I say bigger breaches and new types of attacks if the current trend continues.  With that being said, her are a few of my ideas on the types of attacks that will cover our headlines in 2018:


  1. State-sponsored Attacks will Increase – The regular actors such as North Korea, China, Russia and Iran will continue with their cyber-attacks to extort, steal and disrupt information systems. I also see new actors including our so called allies jumping into the pot to obtain economic and technological advantages.


  1. Internet of Things (IoT) attacks will increase – As more Internet connected devices enter the market from what I have been able to ascertain from this year’s CES, I could not help but think about how minimal security controls are implemented to defend against cyber-attacks.


  1. Ransomware Attacks will Increase – The increase of ransomware attacks are no surprise to me since their presence have increased from 2016 to 2017 exponentially and I see no change in 2018. What I am most concerned with in the idea many of the new attacks will be targeted.  For example, there are concerns, hackers will focus their efforts towards the health-care sector and target devices such as pacemakers.  So instead of paying to get you information back, a person will have to pay to keep their life.


These are just a few of the concerns I predict will have security practitioners up at night, the good news, our awareness of this threats have increased and security tools are being implemented to assist in defending our information systems and data.  What do you think?

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