Scribd Hack Exposes Thousands of Users

An posting from Tech News about Scribd Hack Exposes Thousands of Users:

It’s much easier to spend your Internet time watching funny cat videos than to actually do something productive, but the educational stuff is out there. Take Scribd, for instance: a virtual library of free content that ranges from book previews to science journal articles to official government documents. If you’re one of the estimated 50 million Scribd users, life isn’t all highbrow art magazines and travelogues, though. A recent hack has resulted in a few hundred thousand stolen passwords.

Scribd does not reveal exactly what kind of hack took place, but the malefactors made off with part of a password database. But if you’re worried that you’ve been hacked, don’t be: There’s a 99 percent chance you haven’t. “Because of the way Scribd securely stores passwords, we believe that the passwords of less than 1 percent of our users were potentially compromised by this

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