Blackberry releases first security fixes for new Z10 smartphone

A posting from Naked Security onBlackberry releases first security fixes for new Z10 smartphone:

Blackberry released two security bulletins yesterday, fixing flaws in its software for the Blackberry Playbook and Blackberry Z10 smartphone.

BSRT-2013-005 affects both the Z10 and the Playbook and fixes vulnerabilities in the bundled Adobe Flash Player.

This raises an important question in my mind, though. Why on earth has Blackberry launched a new mobile operating system with Flash support, knowing full well the number of vulnerabilities and in the wild attacks against it?

Apple was first to shun Flash while some Android handset makers bragged about Flash support. For about a month. Then Adobe pulled the plug on its own Android package.

This seemed to have resolved the issue and HTML5 was the winner for mobile interactive content. “Winner by default,” or so I thought.

Now you might think it is a “nice to have” so long as Blackberry keeps it up-to-date and makes it easy to apply to your device.Adobe released Flash fixes yesterday too, right?


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