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A posting from Dark Reading about iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor:

The fingerprint sensor on Apple’s new iPhone 5s could well be the device-within-a-devicethat brings biometrics into the everyday mainstream.

(There’s good and bad in that. The good news is that if you paid extra for a laptop, years ago, because it had a fingerprint scanner you could never get to work, you’ll no longer be seen as a technology sucker but as an early adopter.

The bad news is that any hope of arguing for the end of fingerprint scanners in US immigration lines will be lost forever. Heck, if you can do it for Apple, you can do it for Uncle Sam!)

For all that I recently wrote – this very morning, in fact – that convenience is “one of security’s mortal enemies,” Apple’s Touch ID might end up as a blessing in disguise entirely on account of its ease of use.

People who are too lazy to bother with proper passwords or even four-digit passcodes on their phones (like Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, no less) might be willing to use Touch ID, since it makes it slicker for them to get back into their phone one-handed.

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