Cracked Uber accounts tumble to 40 cents on the dark web

A posting from naked security titled ” Cracked Uber accounts tumble to 40 cents on the dark web”  by Lisa Vaas

emember those cracked Uber accounts that were selling for as little as $1 on the dark web a few months ago?

Well, welcome to the Midsummer Madness Sale: prices have been slashed, and now, they’re going for the low, low price of only 40 cents!

I know what you’re thinking: With these prices, the dark-web markets selling other people’s accounts must be CRAZY!

(Actually, so are you if you actually buy these things. It’s illegal, and your purchase could buy you a world of trouble.)

Motherboard, which first picked up on the Uber account sale in March, now reports that the accounts are not only still being sold; now, valid email/password logins for Uber are selling for less than half of what they had been.

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