Using ambient sound as a two-factor authentication system

A posting from naked security titled  ” Using ambient sound as a two-factor authentication system” by Lee Munson

We know that many of us are no good at choosing our own passwords. That’s why companies are increasingly looking to bolster their own website security through additional authentication methods.

To that end, we’ve seen many different forms of two-factor authentication (2FA) employed – John Shier wrote an excellently detailed article on the topic last year in which he noted that each of the common 2FA optionshave their disadvantages.

His conclusion was that “true” 2FA, using a separate token, was probably the best way forward – but that such a system would likely not be free and would leave people with an annoyingly large amount of tokens to manage.

While it’s better for your security to take advantage of 2FA everywhere it is available, some people see it as an inconvenience nonetheless – either because they need to lug tokens around or because of the few seconds it takes to generate a code or type in a password received by SMS.

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