FT hacked. Syrian Electronic Army hijacks Financial Times blogs and Twitter accounts

A posting from Naked Security:

The Syrian Electronic Army has struck again – this time adding the scalp of the prestigious Financial Times to its collection of hijacked accounts belonging to well-known media organisations.

Hackers from the Syrian Electronic Army appear to have stolen the usernames and passwords of FT staff with access to the newspaper’s social media accounts, and posted unauthorised blog entries and tweets earlier today.

In recent weeks Syrian Electronic Army hackers have successfully broken into online accounts belonging to the likes of The Guardian, the BBCNPR, and CBS with apparent ease, prompting Twitter take the unusual step of reaching out to news and media organisations to warn them about the current attacks, and offer advice on defensive measures.

The problem is compounded by Twitter’s current system of insisting that every Twitter account only has one username/password connected with it.

This is unlike the way Facebook pages work where individual users can be assigned different rights for managing and administering their firm’s online presence. Combined with two factor authentication (known as Login Approvals on Facebook) this provides a higher level of security, and greater granularity about what users can do.

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