Google security: You (still) are the weakest link

A posting from Cnet News in there Security and Privacy section:

AN FRANCISCO–Two of Google’s top Chrome and Google Apps security experts confessed that the problem of passwords will continue to plague the people who use them and computer security for the foreseeable future.

On the second day of the company’s I/O conference here on Thursday, Eran Feigenbaum, the director of security for Google Apps, suggested that people follow three recommendations to stay safer online.

“You should turn on two-step verification, make sure [the browser] is up to date, and make sure your password recovery options are set,” the six-year veteran of Google said.His colleague, Parisa Tabriz, the head of Chrome security whose official title is “Security Princess,” offered two more. “In Chrome you can set up multiple profiles, and you can use Incognito,” she said, to avoid the technique of switching browsers while keeping profile information separate.

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