Leaked Emails: How Hacking Team And US Government Want To Break Web Encryption Together

An informative article by Thomas fox-brewster  about “Why China Wants Your Sensitive Data”:

Get ready America: one of the most notorious surveillance providers on the planet, Hacking Team TISI NaN%, is expanding in earnest on US shores. And, if it hasn’t collapsed as a result of a hugely embarrassing attack on its servers, the likes of the FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency and a slew of other US government departments will welcome the controversial company with open arms as they seek to break common encryption across mobiles and desktops. In response to the demand, Hacking Team is promising capabilities to crack Apple AAPL -1.08%iPhones, Google GOOGL -0.91% Android devices, and the encrypted anonymising network Tor, whilst poking at the security of mobile apps such as Wickr.

This is all according to leaked emails seen by FORBES today, the result of a hack on Hacking Team, a Milan-based outfit that has been criticised for selling to regimes with questionable human rights records, from Sudan to Bahrain to Egypt and beyond. The messages came from the email account of Eric Rabe, Hacking Team’s communications chief, who was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

Rabe details a close working relationship between Hacking Team and the US government in his emails, talking up its previously-reported work with the DEA. An email from 20 May indicated that the formation of Hacking Team USA, likely to arrive this summer if the hack hasn’t derailed the plans, would not change the working relationship with the DEA, which includes intensive training operations in Bogota, Columbia.

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