“Internet Doomsday” for some, Get rid of DNSChanger Malware Now!

July 9, 2012, has been dubbed “Internet doomsday” and there is a chance you will not be able to access the Internet on your personal computer due to a malware called DNSChanger Trojan.

DNSChanger malware infected Windows PCs, Macs and routers across the world and enabled the hackers to hijack victims’ Web traffic and reroute it to their sites for malicious purposes.

After the FBI, in “Operation Ghost Click,” busted the hackers last November, the FBI set up temporary servers to keep the computers infected with the Trojan temporarily online so users could clean them.  They decided on July 9, those servers would be decommissioned.

To determine if your system is infected, go to:


For additional and detailed information go to:


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