McAfee Vulnerability Manager Patch 7.0.8 is scheduled for release on September 27, 2012

McAfee Vulnerability Manager Patch 7.0.8 is scheduled for release on September 27, 2012.

If FSUpdate is configured to automatically check for Foundstone Software Updates, the appropriate patch will be automatically downloaded and applied. If you do not want to have the patch automatically applied, deselect Foundstone Software Updates from FSUpdate Options. If you want to manually download and apply the patch, log in to

For a full list of changes, see the Release Notes in PD24041:

Foundstone 7.0.8 Release Notes

  1.   Fixed form authentication using a credential that includes the character “ñ”.
  2.   Fixed FSAssessment crash in the FASLModule.
  3.   Fixed date format specification for the FSUpdate table SQL query.
  4.   Fixed XCCDF Benchmark reports for STIG templates.
  5.   Fixed stored procedure to not delete existing profiles when importing SCAP content.
  6.   Enhanced performance of stored procedure used to retrieve asset data for the scan editor.
  7.   Fixed stored procedure to correctly compute the exclusion list.
  8.   Fixed date conversion error while updating the job state on a British-English SQL Server.
  9.   Fixed the MVM Data Import task invoked by the MVM ePO extension.
  10.   Added host name to email notifications for ticket events.
  11.   Fixed the Vuln Set rule editor to hide the preview button until the editor has completed processing.
  12.   Fixed the workgroup-delete operation to display an error when the delete fails.
  13.   Fixed the role editor to allow the viewing of the complete organization tree.
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