Metasploit Pro – Now Available – Free Trial & Webcast with HD Moore

From a Rapid 7 email.  I love the Metasploit and I like what these guys have done with it too…  Wow Metasploit Pro

Rapid7 is thrilled to announce the introduction of Metasploit Pro™, the new product for penetration testers who need an advanced tool to penetrate networks efficiently and from many angles.

Metasploit Pro is designed for security professionals in enterprises, government agencies and consulting firms who need to make network security testing more efficient in order to reduce costs. Unlike alternative products, Metasploit Pro improves the efficiency of penetration testers by providing unrestricted remote network access, and by enabling teams to collaborate efficiently. Metasploit Pro exceeds the functionality of Metasploit Express™ with support for security testing of custom Web applications, managing client-side campaigns against end-users, and additional evasion features. And, effective immediately, Metasploit Pro is available for trial and purchase.

Metasploit Pro has these additional features over Metasploit Express:

  • Web application scanning and exploitation
  • Social engineering campaigns
  • VPN Pivoting
  • Endpoint protection evasion
  • Team collaboration
  • Experts recommendations
  • Customizable reports

If you’d like to learn more, please join us for a Webcast on November 2nd when HD Moore will provide a live walk through of the product and answer questions from the audience, or visit our website for more details where you can also download a fully-featured trial version of Metasploit Pro.

Alternatively, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply contact your Rapid7 Account Representative or call +1 (617) 247 1717.

You can download the Metasploit Framework for free here.

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