Metasploit Pro Webcast with HD Moore – Recording Now Available for On Demand Viewing

Recently, Metasploit founder and Rapid7 CSO, HD Moore, conducted a live walk through of Metasploit Pro, the new commercial penetration testing tool based on the open source Metasploit Framework.

Whether you attended that session and would like a repeat, or you weren’t able to attend and would love to catch a g
limpse of what Metasploit Pro has to offer, a recording of that session is now available.

Metasploit Pro is designed for security professionals in enterprises, government agencies and consulting firms who need to make network security testing more efficient in order to reduce costs. Unlike alternative products, Metasploit Pro improves the efficiency of penetration testers by providing unrestricted remote network access, and by enabling teams to collaborate efficiently. Metasploit Pro exceeds the functionality of Metasploit Express™ with support for security testing of custom Web applications, managing client-side campaigns against end-users, and additional evasion features.

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