Nessus HTML5 UI 2.0 is Now Available

Tenable is pleased to announce the Nessus® HTML5 User Interface (UI) 2.0. The new UI provides policy creation wizards to quickly configure accurate and complete scans, and introduces usability improvements that make scan scheduling, processing, and analysis easy and efficient. The new UI is available when Nessus, Nessus Perimeter Service™, and Nessus Home users log into their scanners.

The Nessus HTML5 UI 2.0 provides the following benefits:

  • Policy creation wizards: Eight new policy creation wizards prompt for the information needed to quickly and easily find specific vulnerabilities in select systems and applications. This helps users quickly configure accurate and complete Nessus scans.
  • Redesigned UI: The new UI makes it simple to find and filter vulnerability scan results, quickly see the status of running scans, and easily manage large amounts of scan data. In addition, the new UI’s responsive design scales to fit the screen size of any device.
    • Folders to store scan results
    • Sort hosts by compliance
    • One-click metadata access

For more information on the Nessus HTML5 UI 2.0, view the following brief videos or read the blog post. Additional information can be found in the Nessus 5.2 HTML5 User Guide.

Nessus or Perimeter Service customers who have questions on the Nessus HTML5 UI 2.0 may contact Tenable Support. Nessus Home users may consult the Tenable Discussions Forum.

Jennifer Collis
Product Marketing Manager
Tenable Network Security

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