Sucuri Premium WordPress Plugin Gets New Features

New Features. Better WordPress Security!

We’ve been busy bees! Sucuri’s Premium WordPress Plugin gets a great new look and some awesome new features.

New features:

  • WordPress last login – Get visibility into the last login for each user. Quickly learn where it came from including date, time and IP address. It’s very powerful when you need to audit a site and see how it was compromised.
  • Post-hack options – If your site has been hacked, this option allows you to change all users passwords, reset keys, and take the basic steps to prevent more issues.
  • More Hardening – We added more hardening options to help secure your site.
  • Event Notifications – Email alerts will hit your inbox when something happens like a file change, password reset, or even failed login attempts.
  • Auto-updates – You no longer have to update manually with the new build, it’ll auto-update and allow you to update via the dashboard



Note: The Sucuri WordPress plugin is currently included in all monitoring and cleanup service accounts, at no additional charge. The plugin will be launched as stand alone paid commercial product in the near future. Sucuri customers actively using the plugin when the change occurs will be grandfathered, and will not be required to pay for the download.

If you’re not a Sucuri customer, you can sign up at to get started today. Alternatively you can try our free WordPress plugin in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

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