Shylock Malware Resurges, Targets Top U.S. Banks

A posting  in Information Week  in there security /attacks sections :

Beware the latest version of the banking malware known as Shylock — also called Caphaw — which has been retooled to target customers of 24 different banks.

Security firm Zscaler reported Wednesday that over the last month it’s seen the number of Shylock infections surge. While the malware was first spotted in 2011 and was seen earlier this year targeting European banking customers, the latest version of the Trojan application now targets customers of the four largest U.S. banks — Chase Manhattan Corporation, Bank of America, Citi Private Bank and Wells Fargo — as well as Bank of the West, Capital One, U.S. Bancorp and others.

Shylock is better than most banking malware, which typically siphons up a user’s banking credentials and relays them to attackers for later use. “This is one of the few pieces of malware that can automatically steal money when the user is actively accessing his banking account,” read an analysis of Caphawpublished earlier this year by ESET security researcher Aleksandr Matrosov. Other malware with this capability includesCarberp, Gataka, Ranbyus and Tinba.

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