Tech Insight: Quick Wins For Strengthening SMB Security

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Big or small, companies are being hacked every day no matter their size. Small businesses ask, “Why me? I don’t have anything worth stealing.” Yet they don’t realize how useful their high-speed Internet connections are as new launch points for brute-force SSH scans and DDoS attacks. The simple truth is that no one is safe from attack, and small organizations often feel the impact more than large enterprises because of their limited budgets and IT staff.

Since January, I’ve been speaking with IT staff from local city and county governments throughout Florida at conferences and in private meetings. The common issue among nearly every one of their organizations is that they have practically no budget for security and no dedicated security staff. In many cases, there is only one or two IT people, and they handle everything from desktop and server support to IT training and security. My goal with the talks has been to help these small groups realize quick and no-cost (or low-cost) ways to strengthen their security posture.

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