EU’s Cybersecurity Strategy gets harsh criticism from data protection advocate

A posting from Naked Security on Cybersecurty  Strategy :

A top EU data privacy advocate has criticised the European Union’s plans to combat cybercrime, saying they don’t provide enough protection for personal data.

In the same statement, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) Peter Hustinx suggested that too little attention has been paid to existing regulations and agencies, and that it would be useful to have tighter definitions of what exactly the European Commission means by “cybercrime” and related terms.

The statement comes as an official “opinion” document [PDF] responding to the EU’s Cybersecurity Strategy [PDF] plan.

The strategy was issued in February alongside proposals for a set of unified network and information security rules, referred to as the “NIS Directive [PDF]“.

The strategy document got a lukewarm reception at the time, with general approval that the EC was heading in the right direction but worries that the proposals were too vague and open-ended. The opinions from the EDPS seem to echo this, welcoming the existence of the strategy but pointing out some potential problems.


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