“White Space” and a Possible Security Concern

The FCC will be ruling on the usage of “White Space” for wireless networking access today (9/23/2010).  White Space is the frequencies that are between television broadcast channels and many of them became free when TV broadcasters switched from analog signals to digital signals.

Supporters of “White Space” plan to use it as a Mega Wi-Fi network that can range in miles as compared to current Wi-Fi system that ranges in feet.  In addition, the “White Space” Wi-Fi network would have the capability of transmitting data through walls and would be as fast as today’s broadband and DSL connections.

There is a security concern that should be examined.  Currently, many homes and businesses are not implementing the proper controls to protect current wireless networks.  Even today, with the limited range of the current wireless networking systems, individuals are finding open and unsecure access points on the regular.  Imagine if that were to span to miles, the number of open and unsecure wireless access point expand exponential in some locations.

If the ruling is approved today, we will start seeing some early implementation in first quarter 2011.  Security professionals and security organizations need to speak with vendors so security measures are built in and are set at the time of purchase.  In addition, public service announcements to businesses and consumers will help with the awareness of the matter.

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