Why AT&T’s ‘Willingness’ To Help NSA Is Alarming

A posting from Dark reading  titled ” Why AT&T’s ‘Willingness’ To Help NSA Is Alarming” by Eric Zeman

The NSA would have had a much more difficult time spying on Americans were it not for the comfortable, chummy partnership the government forged with AT&T, say new documents released by Edward Snowden.

AT&T worked closely with the government and ensured the agency had access to emails and call records for a period spanning decades.

Snowden’s bombshell revelations exploded two years ago. The shock and awe campaign is over. Since then, a trickle of information continues to flow like lava — slowly, but still searingly hot — with new and unsettling revelations. The latest comes from the New York Times, which was privy to more documents shared by Snowden.

This time, Snowden detailed the nature of the relationship between the NSA and one of its top partners: AT&T.

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