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Why Did A Security Firm Mysteriously Ditch a ‘Privacy’ Product?

A posting from Forbes by Yael Grauer titled “Why Did A Security Firm Mysteriously Ditch a ‘Privacy’ Product?” :   Two weeks after Ben Caudill announced that he’d built a $200 hardware proxy which allows Internet users to mask their location, the Rhino Labs owner shut down his project. His much anticipated August appearance at DEF CON, […]

Dark Reading Radio: Firewall Smackdown

A posting from dark reading by  Marilyn Cohodas  titled firwall smackdown:   Is there a future for the venerable firewall? Join us for a debate between security CEOs Asaf Cidon of Sookasa and Jody Brazil of FireMon. Show time is Wednesday, July 15, 1:00 PM New York/10:00 AM San Francisco. In today’s  BYOD world there […]

Flash zero-day leaks out from “Hacking Team” hack, patch expected Real Soon Now

An informative article by paul duckin titled  ” flash zero-day leak out from hacking team  hack, patch expected real soon” Wouldn’t you just know it! Last night we wrote about how Flash troubles come in threes, like those proverbial buses: An emergency update against targeted attacks, followed by… A concerted effort to milk that exploit […]

Cybercriminal Group Spying On US, European Businesses For Profit

An informative article by  kelly jackson higgins  at dark reading   titled “Cybercriminal Group Spying On US, European Businesses For Profit” Symantec, Kaspersky Lab spot Morpho’ hacking team that hit Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter expanding its targets to lucrative industries for possible illegal trading purposes. A team of attackers tied to previous hacks of […]

Leaked Emails: How Hacking Team And US Government Want To Break Web Encryption Together

An informative article by Thomas fox-brewster  about “Why China Wants Your Sensitive Data”: Get ready America: one of the most notorious surveillance providers on the planet, Hacking Team TISI NaN%, is expanding in earnest on US shores. And, if it hasn’t collapsed as a result of a hugely embarrassing attack on its servers, the likes of […]

Hillary Clinton: China hacks ‘everything that doesn’t move’ in the US

An informative article by Lee Munson at nakedsecurity.com titled “Hillary Clinton: China hacks ‘everything that doesn’t move’ in the US” US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has accused China of state-sponsored hacking designed to steal both trade secrets and government information. Speaking at a Fourth of July campaign rally in New Hampshire on Saturday, the former […]