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Chaos Computer Club claims to have “cracked” the iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor

A posting from Naked Security about Iphone 5s fingerprint sensor: The biometrics team of Germany’s well-known Chaos Computer Club (CCC) claims it has“cracked” Apple’s Touch ID system. Touch ID is the fingerprint sensor and the associated software that provides a biometric lock for the brand new iPhone 5s. Fingerprint readers have been common add-ons to laptops for […]

Win Bitcoins, booze and cash! Be the first to crack the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor…

A posting from Dark Reading about iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor: The fingerprint sensor on Apple’s new iPhone 5s could well be the device-within-a-devicethat brings biometrics into the everyday mainstream. (There’s good and bad in that. The good news is that if you paid extra for a laptop, years ago, because it had a fingerprint scanner you […]

Shylock Malware Resurges, Targets Top U.S. Banks

A posting  in Information Week  in there security /attacks sections : Beware the latest version of the banking malware known as Shylock — also called Caphaw — which has been retooled to target customers of 24 different banks. Security firm Zscaler reported Wednesday that over the last month it’s seen the number of Shylock infections […]

Take that, hackers! Quasar IV boasts hackproof Android greatness

An Interesting article in C/Net  about   Quasar IV boasts: The subject of cell phone security haunts every major mobile player, but none so defiantly throws down the gauntlet to data thieves like the smartphone startup QSAlpha and its Quasar IV “cipherphone.” A self-funded project launched Tuesday through Kickstarter-like Web site Indiegogo, the Quasar IV runs on a security backbone […]

Microsoft Issues Emergency ‘Fix It’ For IE Amid Attacks

A posting from  Dark Reading in there Attacks and Breaches section: Security experts are urging users to apply newly released mitigations as a stop-gap while waiting for Microsoft to patch a newly discovered critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer. Microsoft rushed out a Fix It tool yesterday in lieu of a patch after reports surfaced that attackers […]

Doing More Than Paying Risk Management Lip Service

A posting from Dark Reading in there risk management section:  While the majority of CISOs may profess a commitment to managing security based on risk management principles, the truth about how they execute on those principles may be a lot more imperfect. The unfortunate reality, say experts, is that many organizations simply pay risk management […]

Android Phone Numbers Leaked By Facebook App

An interesting article from information week: Facebook has fixed a bug in its Android app, following reports that the app was inadvertently leaking users’ phone numbers to the social network. The “privacy leak” was spotted by Symantec, which said that the latest version of Norton Mobile Security, which includes a new Mobile Insight tool that […]