Chaos Computer Club claims to have “cracked” the iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor

A posting from Naked Security about Iphone 5s fingerprint sensor:

The biometrics team of Germany’s well-known Chaos Computer Club (CCC) claims it has“cracked” Apple’s Touch ID system.

Touch ID is the fingerprint sensor and the associated software that provides a biometric lock for the brand new iPhone 5s.

Fingerprint readers have been common add-ons to laptops for many years, but never really caught on.

Here’s why.

Firstly, fingerprints aren’t secret.

All of us inadvertently leave good-quality prints on many surfaces, such as glass, metal and hard plastics.

Additionally (in many countries in the post-9/11 world) many of us deliberately, often unavoidably, have allowed the authorities, our employers and even businesses such as banks to take high-quality copies of our prints, and to keep them pretty much for ever.

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